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Explore the incredible world of prehistoric animals with a focus on the mighty dinosaurs. Discover fascinating facts, jaw-dropping fossils, and the latest scientific discoveries in this captivating journey through time.
This Fossil Of A Borealopelta Found At A Suncor Energy Oil Sands Mine Said To Be The Best-Preserved Dinosaur Fossil Of Its Size Ever Found Reptiles, Fossil Bones, Palaeontology, Fossils, Prehistoric Creatures, Prehistoric World, Geology, Paleontology, Prehistoric Animals

While the idea of a museum sounds boring to some, the idea of a bunch of bones and fossils from the dinosaur era is a whole different story. And it’s not just dinosaur bones, mind you—it’s actually fossils of all sorts of species that said “no, thanks” to the natural order of things and decided to preserve themselves for many years in such ways that nowadays, people who look at them are like “that’s awesome!”

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Inostrancevia lived during the Late Permian period and was the largest of the gorgonopsid species. Inostrancevia's most striking feature was its long, saber-tooth-like canines. It had a total body length of around 3.5 m, a weight of 300 kg and a huge skull, which measured up to 60 cm in length. Inastroncevia was likely at the top of the food chain in Late Permian Russia, preying on the large herbivorous creatures it shared the land with.

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Any book that features pterosaurs can't help but throw in a few marine reptiles too, and a funky crested mosasaur is par for the course. They inevitably have a menacing, but simultaneously almost mischievous grin on their faces, a swishing tail, and a few frog-like warts thrown in for extra seamonsterishness. Prehistoric, Prehistoric Wildlife, Prehistoric Animals Dinosaurs, Prehistoric Creatures, Prehistoric Dinosaurs, Prehistoric Animals, Extinct Animals, Prehistoric World, Tyrannosaurus

Given the quality of the illustrations, I couldn't possibly feature only the dinosaurs from Prehistoric Animals (part of the Private Lives of Animals series). Here, then, are a few of those otherprehistoricanimals from the Palaeozoic and Mesozoic, as illustrated by Allen, Buonanno, Budicin, Burian, al. We'll start with a firm favourite - a synapsid with so much pop-culture baggage (sorry, appeal) that it's often considered an Honorary Dinosaur. And it's a fine illustration of…

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