Power strip organization

Get organized with these creative power strip organization ideas. Declutter your space and keep your cords neat and tidy with these simple yet effective tips.
Consolidate your electronics onto strips, making it easier to save energy. | 12 Insanely Easy Ways To Be The Adult Of Your Dreams Home Repairs, Life Hacks, Diy, Power Strip Organization, Homeowner Hacks, Cleaning Organizing, Home Repair, Diy Electronics, Recycling Bins

I use a combination of two surge protector power strips and one extension cord to power things in my room so I'm able to shut off all electronics with one flip of a switch before heading out for the day. You can find surge protectors here. However, don't use too many surge protectors and daisy-chain them. If you're going to use more than two around the room, don't occupy every single plug of every protector for this can cause fires.