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Kwon Juyong (권주용, Kwon JuYong?) is Brave Red Dino/Kyoryu Red, the Red Ranger of the Brave Dino Force Rangers. He is the "Dragon Child" (용의아이, Yong-ui Ai), who trains himself in the mountains at a very young age while searching for his long lost older brother. During the Neo Deboth Army's attack, he was given the ability to transform into Brave Red Dino/Kyoryu Red (ブレイブキョウリュウレッド, Bureibu Kyōryū Reddo) by Torin after seeing the young man's similarity to Daigo Kiryu, the original Kyoryu Red. He…

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Master Red (マスターレッド, Masutā Reddo) was a veteran knight and the trainer of his squire, Koh, who inherited his Ryusoul Ken. He was also Nada's trainer. Born in the village, Master Red fought against the Druidons as Ryusoul Red was Koh's mentor who taught him that kindness isn't something you're born with, but something that Koh can find by having someone important to him and wanting to protect that person. He also taught Nada that strength isn't what makes someone a Ryusoulger, but kindness…

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Nobuharu Udo (有働 ノブハル, Udō Nobuharu), nicknamed "Nossan" (ノッさん, "Nossan") by his friends, is Kyoryu Blue (キョウリュウブルー, Kyōryū Burū) of the Kyoryugers. Nobuharu is 32 years old at the beginning of Kyoryuger. He is the oldest member among the six main Kyoryugers. Nobuharu always used to cheer up Kenichi, the husband of his sister, during hard times. Kenichi was the only one who liked his jokes. After his death, Nobuharu took his old job and started taking care of his sister and niece. TV…