Pottery teapots

Explore a collection of unique pottery teapots that are perfect for tea lovers. Find the perfect teapot to elevate your tea-drinking experience and bring style to your teatime rituals.
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One of the four famous varieties of Chinese pottery, Nixing tea ware is produced in the town of Qinzhou, in Guangxi province, China. The clay is natural and free of chemical additives. An excellent clay for bringing out the best flavour in tea, It is prized for its use for gong fu tea pots. The art form has an official history of 1300 years. Browse our collection featuring work by renowned artists Li Changquan, Huang Fu Sheng and others.

Pamela Speed
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The spouts of functional pouring vessels have to do two things: deliver well and hopefully look pleasing. Stint in either task and ya got problems, some less bothersome than others. And after my last post about the snub-spouted Cube Teapot, it might be manifestly simpler to say that functional spouts really have only […]

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