Posting everything on social media

Unlock the secrets to effectively share everything on social media. Discover expert tips and tricks to maximize your reach and engagement on popular social platforms.
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Truly happy people don’t sit around sharing every single good thing that happens to them on social media. They’re way too busy enjoying their lives!

The Joy and Importance of Birds in our lives.
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Scrolling through Facebook memes, liking Instagram selfies, and tweeting how frustrated I am with life. This is how a typical stressed 19-year old spends her day living like a couch potato (basically, it's me). I been maintaining a well curated Instagram feed, figuring different angles I need to take to achieve a hard-to-resist-not-to-like-post. I've always held this standard that I need to consistently be active on social media platforms derived from the fear of missing out and being…

Rafaelle Ayanna Abril