Poor kids

Discover how to provide empowering opportunities for poor kids, helping them to break the cycle of poverty. Find resources and ideas to support their education, health, and overall well-being.
According to the United Nations, about 25,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes. Most of these deaths are children. World, Youtube, India, Islam, Resim, Life, Poor, Poverty, Global Poverty

About a fifth of mankind still live in abject poverty, dispute the numerous national and global efforts during the past years on the first target of the Millennium Development Goals which aimed to decrease extreme poverty by one-half by the year 2015. Abdou Touray, Programme Specialist – Poverty and MDGs at the United Nations Development Programme country office in The Gambia said as of 2011 the poorest 40 percent of the world’s population account for 5 percent of global income and the…

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Drought is ravaging the continent of Africa. And famine is a harsh reality for millions of people living there. Emergency food and water supplies are a first necessity. But for the long-term many complex problems – political as well as environmental – have to be solved. Children whose foreheads have been marked by a cross to denote that they are likely to survive, wait with their mother for food and medical attention at a camp for drought-victims in Bati, Ethiopia. UN Photo/John Isaac 05…