Pokemon card template

Design and personalize your own Pokemon card using a custom template. Showcase your favorite Pokemon and create unique cards for battles, collections, and more.
BW Metal basic Pokemon card blank by The-Ketchi Pokémon Cards, Pokémon, Pokemon Trading Card, Pokemon Card Template, Pokemon Cards, Pokemon Go, Pixel Art Pokemon, Pokemon Diy, Pokemon

Description This is a modern (2013 BW) Metal basic Pokémon card blank, designed for card fakes. There are many more blanks in my "Resources" gallery, including LV. X, Basic, Stage 1, Stage 2, and Pokémon-EX. Full credits: Made using GIMP Texture from: metagross101.deviantart.com/ar… Bar from: shiningbill.deviantart.com/art… Symbol from: latios101.deviantart.com/art/N… Text from: latios101.deviantart.com/art/s… Layout from: shiningbill.deviantart.com/art…

Neus Morla
Pokemon Card Backside in High Resolution by AtomicmonkeyTCG on DeviantArt Pokémon Cards, Pokémon, Pokemon Trading Card Game, Pokemon Trading Card, Pokemon Cards, Pokemon Card Template, Pokémon Species, Pokémon Red And Green, Pokemon Party

Description Title says it all! I noticed how there was a lack of proper scans of Pokémon card backs so out of frustration I made my own. This took a while to get right but I am happy with the result! You can use this for normal poker sized cards or even with jumbos! UPDATE 9/11/16: Took some of icycatelf 's tips to heart and fixed the logo and background! UPDATE 9/13/16: I corrected some of the colors, it looks more legit this way. UPDATE 9/15/16: Ditto.