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In 1983, Christine was brought to the big screen, adapted from Stephen King's novel from the same year. Christine is a bright red Plymouth Fury, somehow possessed and on a destructive path. Her latest owner is Arnie, a nerdy kid with only one friend. Slowly his fascination with Christine changes him, which inevitability brings trouble on his front door. The car later comes to life and takes revenge on his enemies. This is not a movie review, so enough with the story telling. However, the…

James Willey
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We strayed from Cornwall yesterday as we had to visit Plymouth in Devon. It wasn't a particularly nice day weather-wise but I took a few photos for the blog because Plymouth is known as the place from which the Mayflower headed for North America in 1620 and is also where Sir Francis Drake supposedly played bowls before defeating the Spanish Armada in 1588. The first landmark on the waterfront is on Plymouth Hoe and is Smeaton's Tower (photos above and below), which was built in 1759 as a…

Mike Perry

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