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Embark on a journey through the universe and discover the wonders of planets and moons. Learn about their unique features and mysteries that will leave you in awe. Start exploring now!
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Daniel Martino
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Tau is the homeworld of the Ghen species. It is the third planet from its star, Ogzor. Tau has a habitable atmosphere and is a rocky planet. Tau's surface is covered primarily in seas of water, dotted with the occasional archipelago or small continent. Tau's small continents, which are exposed to relatively high levels of UV radiation, are not particularly hospitable to animal life. Large herbivores, notably, are all but absent from the surface. Though it significantly limits the animal's…

Shawn Craig
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A new Jupiter to add to the Hubble Jupiter collection, this time in near-ultraviolet and visible blue light. Note this is not far enough into ultraviolet to view the auroras, just in case you were wondering. The Great Red Spot is just coming into view as the planet and its bands rotate about its axis. However, at these wavelengths, it is quite dark, and appears blue with this processing. Red Spot Junior is also prominently visible as another dark blue spot. Of particular interest to me, and…

Karun Khongkalung