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Pinkie Pie

Join Pinkie Pie, the party pony with endless energy, on exciting adventures in the magical land of Equestria. Discover the joy and laughter that Pinkie brings to every situation.
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Pinkie Pie (Pinkie Pie Avonside) is a bright pink earth pony who is quite happy-go-lucky, a chatterbox, and very silly. She is Percy's spouse and the mother of Gumdrop and Sugardrop Pie and the Padawan Teacher of Cheese Sandwich. Pinkie Pie was raised on a rock farm with her two sisters and her parents. Her family's coats and manes are Earth-colored, muted browns and grays. When Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom clears the clouds and paints a rainbow across the sky, the shock wave frizzles…

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Pinkie Pie (voiced by Andrea Libman) is an earth pony in Ponyville and is part of the 6 main characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She lives and works in Sugarcube Corner, she also throws a lot of parties in there. She likes to make and sing songs, and has a toothless baby alligator named Gummy which she keeps as a pet. Pinkie Pie represents the Element of Laughter. She was replaced by Mr. Cake (Brian Drummond) in Two and a Half Ponies. Pinkie Pie has a light pink coat, blue…

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#1923722 - safe, screencap, pinkie pie, earth pony, pony, g4, honest apple, cropped, cute, diapinkes, female, guitar, looking down, mare, smiling, solo - Derpibooru

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