Pin up art

Explore a collection of captivating pin up art ideas that will transport you back to the vintage era. Discover how to incorporate this timeless style into your home decor.
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If you look up “hourglass figure” in the dictionary, Betty Brosmer’s picture should probably be next to it (if you Google it, she’s right there next to Kim Kardashian). Meet the highest paid pin-up girl of the 1950s, considered by many as the first true supermodel, Betty appeared in thousands of magazine including LIFE, Time, Fortune,…

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Hhmmm... gorgeous well-endowed gal in revealing low cut top leaning forward and stroking her long curvy legs while giving us a 'come hither' look and the message "Your chances... are better..." Nope, no double entendre here! Long before Axe discovered you could sell grooming products to men by draping delicious damsels all over your advertising, Mennen had that number. The ladies were lounging around in lingerie waiting for men with a smooooth Mennen shave! Meanwhile, over at Barbasol they'd…

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