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Hidden Mickey Pins

One of the more popular questions I’m often asked by Guests is, “Do you have any Hidden Mickey pins?” Guests really love trading for these pins when visiting Disney Parks. I, too, love these pins but for a much different reason than most.

Mouse Ears for Your Next Disney Trip! – Lizzie In Adventureland Disney, Magic Kingdom, Costumes, Disney Style, Disney Inspired, Floral, Disney Ears, Mouse Ears, Disney Diy

Let’s be honest – you may worry about packing for your next Disney vacation. Of course you’ll pack the essentials but the most important accessory you need are Mouse Ears! Mouse Ears have become a must-have item for any Disney vacation! With so many characters to choose from and so many styles out there it gets difficult to choose favorites. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of 3D Printed Ears in the parks which has been awesome. Flower crown ears, wire ears, and fabric based ears are all still…

Carlyn Perry Montenero