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Explore a variety of mouth-watering Persian food recipes that will transport you to the exotic flavors of Iran. Try these authentic dishes and indulge in the rich culinary heritage of Persia.
Dolmeh Barg-e Mo (Persian Stuffed Grape Leaves) Cooking, Foods, Healthy Recipes, Recipes, Canapés, Persian Food, Dolmeh, Saffron, Canapes

Dolmeh Barg-e Mo," also known as Persian Stuffed Grape Leaves, holds a special place in my heart. These delectable rolls of nostalgia are more than just a dish; they're a cherished memory of spending countless hours in the kitchen with my beloved grandma. She used to have a grapevine in her garden, and we would spend hours making Dolmeh in her house once it was the season of grape leaves. We would lovingly craft these Dolmeh, a labor of love, using tender grape leaves to envelop a flavorful…

Sandra Laleh