Peeling potatoes

Discover efficient techniques to easily peel potatoes and save time in your kitchen. Learn how to remove potato skins effortlessly with these helpful tips.
A weeknight gratin or homemade mash is possible if you peel the potatoes in advance. Peeling potatoes a day ahead of a big party at which you’re serving potato salad or fries can also help you minimize last-minute prep. But, once peeled, potatoes’ color changes from white to an unpleasant pinkish gray. A bowl of … Healthy Recipes, Snacks, Vegetable Recipes, Ideas, Thanksgiving, Potatoes, How To Store Potatoes, Peeled Potato Recipe, Peeling Potatoes

Because these tubers require more prep work than many other veggies, peeling potatoes ahead of time can be a great convenience. But once you peel them, potatoes quickly start discoloring, turning gray, brown or pink, unless you know the secret for temporarily storing them to prevent this.

Lynnette Fishburn