Patio furniture makeover

Give your patio a fresh new look with these creative furniture makeover ideas. Discover how to revamp your outdoor space and create a stylish and inviting atmosphere.
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Patio Furniture Rehab: When I approached this project, I examined my existing dilapidated patio chairs trying to decide whether to repair or replace. Purchasing new slings seemed to be expensive, so I thought I might try replacing the sling material with wooden slats. The…

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DIY Tile Tabletop: Using Merola Tiles Let’s first talk about the dreamy black and white (link to tile here) Merola tiles. Who else has been oohing-ahhing at these for the last year or so? This post contains affiliate links that I make a small commission from, with no added cost to your purchase. They are such […]

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Many people prefer to repair their patio furniture instead of buying a brand-new set. Patio furniture can be quite expensive especially if you're throwing away rusted furniture every few years. Thankfully there are many ways to repair your rusted patio furniture. Repairing rusted patio furniture is a simple DIY project to update your patio. Repairing

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