Paneled skirt pattern

Create fashionable and trendy looks with these paneled skirt patterns. Find inspiration and step-by-step guides to make your own stylish paneled skirts.
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A paneled skirt is a very versatile type of skirt. By choosing more or fewer panels and widening or narrowing those panels toward the bottom, you can make a skirt that is almost straight or an incredibly twirly full skirt. Because the fullness comes from tapered panels, this skirt has no gathers or bulk around …

Untrained Housewife
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I have a thing for midi skirt – and although I am short, I have quite some in my closet. Today I am sharing the pattern for a beautiful skirt that I came across when “window-shopping” on the internet – the Corrie midi paneled skirt with flap detail. The Corrie skirt is made of 12 panels that helps to elongate your legs and create a nice flare at the hem. It also comes with a high waist and folded flap detail. This timeless piece exudes elegance and femininity, making it a must-have for any…

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This is the final skirt pattern making article that I'm planning to write. It is simpler than the classic skirt, but a little more complex than the half circle skirt. The Panelled Skirt These instructions are for a 6 panelled skirt, but can be adjusted for 4 or 8 panels. The two measurements needed here are the waist and hip measurement. I will use WAIST: 75cm and HIP: 108cm. As there will be six panels in my skirt, I need to divide both measurements by six. WAIST: 75 / 6 = 12.5cm HIP: 108…