Painted log home interior

Transform your log home with stunning painted interiors. Discover top ideas to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your log cabin.
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The following pictures show some of the ways that you can still have a nice log home without necessarily having 'shades of brown' as your primary color scheme. Typically, you'll see one wall painted to serve as a focal spot or an accent wall. I have no interest in painting ALL -- or even most -- of the log walls inside our house. Just 1, maybe 2 of the smaller walls instead. Like these...

Candace Crockett
Can You Believe It? I Painted Our Cabin WHITE!!! Our cabin was painted from top to bottom and I am sharing our all-white cabin reveal! Log Cabin Homes, Home Décor, White Log Cabin Interiors, White Cabin Exterior, White Log Cabin, Log Cabin Remodel, Log Cabin Farmhouse Style, White Cabin, Painted Log Cabin Exterior

Happy Happy Happy FRIDAY!!! This week has absolutely flown by! AND I feel like once again I have gotten NOTHING done! Ugh! I was chatting in my last post about my not so great start to 2018 and it just seems to be staying at about the same level of productivity. Holding steady at about

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