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Enhance your home decor with beautiful Orthodox Christian icons. Discover the rich history and spiritual significance behind these timeless pieces of art.
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This icon of Christ the Pantocrator is a lacquered icon made in the lacquered icons workshop of St Elisabeth Convent. Materials: paper, wood, lacquer. This icon belongs to the academic (realistic) style. Jesus holds the scepter and the orb - symbols of royal power - and his right hand makes a blessing sign. The color of his garments is deeply meaningful, too. Blue is the color of heavenly depth and spirituality, red is the color of martyrdom and roya power. The combination of a blue cloak…

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By John Sanidopoulos The main reason Orthodox Iconography is more about imitation than innovation is to prevent heretical concepts from entering the Church, since heresy can just as much be depicted in icons as written in books and proclaimed from the pulpit. One such innovation in Orthodox Iconography that began in America is the depiction of the "Holy Family", showing Christ either in the arms of both St. Joseph and the Virgin Mary, or in the arms of St. Joseph alone. While such depictions…

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The Pantocrator Illustrating the Hypostatic Union of Jesus Christ. The First Council of Ephesus in 431 A.D. codified the doctrine of the hypostatic union. This states that the humanity and divinity of Christ are made one and exist as one in the Logos, the Word made flesh. Or as is proclaimed in the Divine Praises,...

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The Icon of the Mother of God “Of the Sign”, depicts the Most Holy Theotokos with prayerfully uplifted hands, and the Divine Infant is at Her bosom in a mandorla (or sphere). This depiction of the Mother of God is regarded as one of the very first of Her iconographic images. In the…

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