Origami Lamp

Illuminate your space with the beauty of origami lamps. Discover unique and creative ideas to add a touch of elegance and style to your home decor.
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The Triamond Lampshades are a series of lampshades whose geometrical structure is a uniform antiprism. A uniform antiprism is a polyhedron with two base faces which are regular polygons (square, regular pentagon etc.). These base faces are connected by an alternating band of equilateral triangles. The equilateral triangles are constructed using the Sunken Sonobe unit. The hexagonal Triamond Lampshade consists of seven layers – each layer forms a hexagonal uniform antiprism consisting of 12…

Rachelle Aune
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* Today I am excited to feature these beautiful lamps designed by Monika Singh during her internship at Inmark Exports . Founded in 1995 by Virender Kumar, Inmark Exports is a company based in india. You can browse their catalogue here. Images © Monika Singh and Inmark Exports ↓

Tina Nielsen

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