Organic lip balm

Discover the best organic lip balm options that are both natural and nourishing. Keep your lips hydrated and protected with these top-rated products.
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Lime essential oil is also known as the Zest for Life oil. I love its smell, it is a fun, versatile oil, and a great oil to have on hand at home or when you’re on the go. Lime is cold pressed from the peel of fresh limes, giving it a citrusy, tart, yet sweet…

Kathy Kubena-Thompson
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Making lip balm at home is super simple! Pick a few quality ingredients, and follow this easy recipe. Your homemade chap stick will be all natural, moisturizing, and healthy for your lips. Best of all, it'll save you quite a bit of money compared to buying commercial organic products. Once I started making a batch of 6-8 lip balm tubes for my everyday use, I've never had to buy from the store any more. You can re-use the tubes, and vary the recipe depending on the current season. Let me show…