Open baffle

Explore open baffle speaker designs to enhance your audio experience. Discover how this unique speaker configuration delivers immersive sound quality and brings your music to life.
Gainphile: S20-Z Compact Open Baffle using Zaph Kit

This design was announced as winner of Zaph Design Contest. The design had gone through some changes but you can read the original submission. Follow the build discussions at HTGuide Forum. Concept: Compact and economical Open Baffle design, similar dimensions to a typical 5" hifi floorstander! While open baffle loudspeakers provide the outmost transparency and openness due to absence of box, they are normally very large and expensive to build. Zaph had done the hard work of providing an…

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When I was much younger, I thought loud speakers were boxes. That was why you called them boxes. I build quite a few. And was reasonably happy with the results. Then I bought 4 huge and old Electro Voice SP15B on E-bay. They sat there for a while, getting older. Did not really know what to do with them. Make a bass unit? I already built a Klipsch Eckhorn. You do not need more bass ever egain... While my tube amps were getting smaller, i needed more efficiency. Horns! Yes. The Klipsch already…

Bernd K.
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Doubling the number of woofers provide further +6db of maximum output. Basically they are vertically-stacked W-Frame open baffle speakers. The arrangements allows the front baffles to be kept narrow. Follow the discussion at LinkwitzLab forum here. There are some cosiderations that needs to be investigated carefully, for example the effect of gravity to cone acceleration.

Martin Snijder
Bobette - the world's simplest Open Baffle*

* disclaimer: world's simplest two way active open baffle I've just finished the test baffle for my new bedroom speakers and I couldn't be happier with them. I call them Bobette because they are the sexy younger sister of Bob, my main speakers. The entire speaker is made out of one piece of folded perspex. Drivers are the