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Discover unique and creative ideas to repurpose old pianos and give them a new life. Find inspiration to transform these beautiful instruments into functional and decorative pieces for your home.
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a caelo usque ad centrum - from the sky into the center. A collection of pictures: Colors - threads, yarns, fibers, quilts, fabrics, denim/indigo, and fashion. Patina - leather, wood, satin. The visual - detail, white kitchens, pearls in paintings, pears, skies, sunflowers, lonely roads and sweeping vistas in Western Kansas. Veteran knitter. Flatlander - few mountain photos here.

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I am an artist and musician and I already own a piano that I play on a regular basis. My family and I had just moved into a home for the first time, and I wanted a desk for my office but a lot of them were so expensive. Then I came across a post on Facebook of someone turning a piano into a desk.

Bertie Lamas Ruiz
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AFFORDABLE DO IT YOURSELF HOME PROJECTS | FURNITURE MAKEOVER | PIANO MAKEOVER | DIY CHALK/MINERAL PAINT I came across the most amazing upright grand piano in a local facebook group for only $50! The second my husband returned home and rolled it off the truck, the $50 price tag became clear… Needless to say, my dreams of no prep work were dashed due to peeling veneer, giant gouges and plain old neglect. Sadly, the damage was not only cosmetic, and without an expensive overhaul, this piano was…

Mary Owens
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Everyone loves a piano. They're beautiful works of art; true conversation pieces.We love them so much, that we've got three of them right now at Bunch Auctions coming up in our June regular auction and Catalog. If you decide to place a bid on this gorgeous Steinway or one of our others, remember not to leave your old piano in the dust. No one ever wants to throw out their old piano, even when it has become non-functional. Instead of kicking it to the curb, teach that old piano some new…

Troy Neihardt