Old cats

Learn how to provide the best care for your aging feline companion. Discover tips and tricks to ensure your old cat stays healthy and happy in their golden years.
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They might be getting old and grey, they might be slowing down and sleeping more, but our senior pets are still full of love for us. Even the most energetic and playful kittens will eventually turn into wise mini-panthers or venerable floofs. The chilly time of the year has officially begun and we wanted to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, dear Readers. So Bored Panda collected the most wholesome and cute photos of older cats for you to hug through the screen. Scroll down, remember…

Nóra Fehér
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Sensitive Content This post includes photos some people may find upsetting. Wendy Andersen, a veterinary technician at the Animal Clinic of Milford, was at work one morning in December 2016, when someone brought in a 10-week-old kitten