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Кевин всегда отличался чрезмерным любопытством и смелостью, тем време… #фэнтези # Фэнтези # amreading # books # wattpad

Кевин всегда отличался чрезмерным любопытством и смелостью, тем временем, как другие дети его возраста предпочитали заниматься своими делами, да помогать родителям в маленькой деревушке. Но это не значит, что у Кевина совсем не было друзей. Они были, вот только они не понимали интерес Кевина к таким созданиям, как драконы. Ведь все знали, что они опасны и кровожадны. И также несут лишь смерть и разрушения, но... Это не совсем так! И именно главный герой этой истории смог это доказать…

Power Score: The Very Best Spelljammer Magic Items

X is for.. XTERMINATION.. yeah, I know.. On Friday, Wizards of the Coast posted a Q&A video about the new edition, featuring Mike Mearls, Rodney Thompson and the great Chris Perkins. Stuff that caught my attention: - There are downtime "mini-games". As in, when your heroes stop in town to make magic items, there's a few rolls to make, stuff like that. There's also little rules for building a keep or "going on a crime spree". - Rodney is a big fan of Al Qadim. That is cool. - There is a magic…

DC: Banevik the Ogre by GraphicGeek.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Artwork created for Dungeon Crusade tabletop RPG Dungeon Crusade is a solo/co-operative, sandbox dungeon crawl. Inspired by the classic age of board gam... DC: Banevik the Ogre

CHRIS LOCKEY on Twitter: "Will O'Brien's chapter heading for Dread Chambers of the Undercity, my module in EMPIRE OF THE GHOULS from @KoboldPress. The most robust art order I'd ever written. I was astonished by the faithfulness of Will's renderings of the perspective, the tone, and my precious villains. https://t.co/uPKY1BRkHI" / Twitter

“Forever in love with this Ogre Ghoul art from Will O'Brien, as encountered in the adventure I wrote for EMPIRE OF THE GHOULS from @KoboldPress: Dread Chambers of the Undercity. https://t.co/3HOyTcCETK”

Monster Manual 5e - Giant, Hill - p155

Hill giants, called haugjotunen in their own language, were voracious, primitive giants defined by their gluttony. They were the least of the commonly recognized "true giants", the shortest in stature, weakest in mind, and lowest in rank according to the Ordning. Granted domain over the rolling hills by Annam All-Father millennia ago, they were masters of its slopes and deeply connected to the land itself. Hill giants normally stood around 16 feet (4.9 meters) tall, but males could reach…