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Enhance productivity and add a touch of style to your office space with our collection of modern and stylish wall clocks. Stay organized and never miss a deadline with these functional and decorative timepieces.
a clock with the words newgate on it's face and numbers in black

Rejuvenation was founded in 1977 in Portland, Oregon as an architectural salvage, lighting, and hardware restoration shop. Today, we're the premier provider of customizable lighting, cabinet hardware, furniture, and more - timeless designs for all areas of your home and for every home improvement project. Crafted to last a lifetime - and beyond.

Brandy Penn
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Lady Justice (Iustitia) Metal Wall Clock, Themis Metal Wall Clock, Metal Wall Decor, Lawyer Gift, Lawyer Office Wall Clock, Judges Gİft Hufa Concept- Lady Justice (Iustitia) 70cm (27.55") Metal Wall Clock Materials: 1.5 mm steel material Product size: 70 cmx 70 cm (27.55" x 27.55" inches) 90 cm x 90 cm (35.43" x 35.43" inches) Lady Justice (Iustitia) Metal wall clock can be hung on the wall with a single nail with the hanger on the back. Lady Justice (Iustitia) Metal Wall Clock surface is…

a person holding a clock in front of a world map with the time on it Led, Display Screen, Multifunctional, Night Light, Clock Wall Decor, Wall Clock, Display, Clock, Soft Lighting

Elevate your walls with this modern world map wall clock featuring an LED display for calendar, week, and temperature. Its smart brightness adjustment and silent movement ensure a harmonious ambiance, while the Type-C interface offers extended battery life.

Pierre Thomas