Ocean depth

Dive into the fascinating world of ocean depth and discover the wonders that lie beneath the surface. Uncover amazing creatures and breathtaking landscapes in the deep sea.
Duffy London's Mesmerizing Abyss Table Mirrors Ocean Depths - IGNANT Art, Design, Papier, Abstract, Ilustrasi, Abstract Artwork, Art Design, Artwork, 3d Art

The creative minds behind Duffy London, which we’ve featured previously, layered wood and sculpted glass to create a mesmerizing coffee table that mimics the depths of the ocean. When viewed from the side, the handmade table resembles a cross-section of the ocean. Meanwhile, from a top view, it looks like a 3D representation of a […]

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Carbon reservoirs in the ocean floor may have ended the last ice age – and could bubble up again Aesthetics, Waves, Backgrounds, Fotos, Resim, Deep, Deep Blue, Underwater, Underwater Background

A study has found a huge new potential source of carbon emissions: reservoirs of gases trapped at the seafloor, which could be released as the oceans warm up. And the team suggests that these gases belched up from the deep thousands of years ago and put an end to the last ice age.

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Who says every day can’t feel like a vacation? The beach is known to bring feelings of tranquility to all that visit, leaving you with a sense of calm and purpose. While your kitchen might not always be tranquil, it is certainly purposeful. And while your kitchen might not have powerful waves crashing through it at all times, using coastal colors can bring the essence of the coast right into your home.