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Discover fun and educational number activities to help your kids learn and practice their math skills. Explore top ideas to make learning numbers enjoyable and interactive for children.
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FREE number puzzles for the numbers 1 - 10. These fun, colorful number puzzles are perfect for preschool and Kindergarten age children to practice counting and number recognition skills. Each puzzle card is split into two pieces - a number and a dot picture. Puzzles are self-correcting, meaning that two puzzle pieces will only fit together if the math is correct. Free to download. Click through to read more! #mathcenters #numbersense #numbersto10 #preschoolmath #mathkidsandchaos…

The Daily Alphabet
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There are 3 steps for teaching numbers to preschoolers. Here they are! And also fun number activities to teach those skills through play too! #howweelearn #math #counting #preschoolactivities #teacher #teachersfollowteachers #preschool

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