Notes art

Unleash your creativity with these unique art ideas that incorporate notes. Discover how to turn simple notes into stunning works of art and express yourself in a whole new way.
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What are sketchnotes? Sketchnotes are becoming an increasingly popular way for students to take notes for lectures. However, there is much value to be gained from using them along with – or instead of – traditional methods like Cornell notes and annotation. Studies have shown that engaging the visual part of the brain as ... Read more

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Raise your hand, Pandas who still have a notebook! (A handful of hands slowly come up.) Now, raise your hand if you write in that notebook! While we listen to the humming silence, I have to admit that in the past week, I scribbled out a single post-it note with my groceries list. The fact is obvious: typing has pretty much replaced the good, old and beautiful art of handwriting. (I am not looking at you, doctors!)