Norwegian gem

Embark on a journey to discover the breathtaking beauty of the Norwegian Gem. Experience luxury, adventure, and relaxation on board this magnificent cruise ship.
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Use these five embarkation tips on your much-anticipated cruise vacation, and let the fun begin! 1. Timing is everything. You know the boarding time for your cruise line, and possibly even signed up for a check-in time to avoid the crowds. Get to port early. There will be hundreds to thousands of fellow travelers squeezing into the gangway throughout the first morning of your vacation. Plan to arrive with plenty of time to spare. While you’re in the terminal, make your last phone calls…

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The old saying ‘live and learn’ helps us avoid repeating mistakes. That works for many parts of life from where to buy common household items to which brands we like and use. Travel by ship is travel made easy as floating hotels have the ability to take us around the world in comfort. Still, it is amazingly easy to overlook some critical parts of travel; embarrassing cruise mistakes that are easy to avoid, just by reading this. Large Humans Might Not Fit In Upper Berths While the idea of a…

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