New moon essential oils

Discover the healing properties and enchanting scents of new moon essential oils. Enhance your well-being and experience the magic of these natural remedies.
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The full moon is a time that is vibrant, alive and full of high energy. This is our most active phase in the moon cycle. We will find ourselves filled with motivation and passion. The full moon encourages us to keep moving forward, especially if you've previously felt stuck or stagnant in certain areas of your life.

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Moon phases have long been a mystery to me. In many ways, they still are even though I've developed an understanding and appreciation for the new and full moon. I'm remedying that by reading Moonology *. If you're new to the moon phases, maybe it will help and inspire you, too. The idea for

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The period around the new moon is a time for embracing newness in all forms. The new moon represents a fresh start and is a great time to go inwards, to create new ideas, set intentions, or dream about what it is that you really want in your life, at home, or in your career. Therefore, this is a great time to focus on manifesting your desires for the coming moon cycle!

Katie Freund
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Here we provide you with an essential oils magical properties chart going over the most common essential oils. Also how to use them in your magic.

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