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Explore a wide range of needlepoint kits to create stunning art pieces. Start your needlepoint journey and bring your creativity to life with these top kits.
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Find tutorials on various needlepoint stitches, including basic tent stitches along with more complex stitches such as the needlepoint basketweave stitch and th

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Contemporary needlepoint designs that are bursting with color. The Poppy Monk Color Collection features our most vibrant offerings, so if you're looking for a modern vibe (and lustrous silk threads) you will find your next stitching project right here. Many of these colorful needlework kits have decorative stitch optio

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In this blog post, we will show you the stitch guide for our The Marsh needlepoint canvas, designed by Ponnopozz. The Marsh Stitch Guide: Needlepoint Stitches Used: 1 - T Stitch Variation 2 - Brick Stitch 3, 12 & 13 - Gobelin Enroaching Stitch Variation 4 - French Knot 5 - Tent Stitch 6 - Hungarian Diamond Stitch 7 & 10 - Skipped Tent 8, 9, 11 & 15 - Longstitch 14 - Corduroy Stitch 16 - Byzantine Stitch 17 - Mosaic Diagonal Stitch 18 - Upright Cross Stitch Explore and get inspiration for…

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If you are a lover of floral patterns, the Ek Success Dimensions Hydrangea Bloom Needlepoint Kit 14'' x 14'' is a perfect choice to add a whole new dimension to your home decor. Its amazingly detailed mophead hydrangea design with a perfect mix of shades will brighten up any room instantly. Complete the design and create an elegant wall decor that measures 14 x 14 inches when finished. This needlepoint kit includes color printed 12 mesh canvas, needle, wool yarn and instructions. Brand…

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