Nba funny moments

Get ready to laugh out loud with these NBA funny moments. From epic fails to hilarious bloopers, these moments are sure to bring a smile to your face. Check out the top funny moments from the NBA and enjoy a good laugh!
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Ok guys, I'm done.. who's next .. catch him before he run Howard : No I'm telling you I'm the real Superman.. not a joke.. Russel : No son.. you don't have to take off your coat I'm Clark Kent.. I'm disguising like howard.. but I'm Clark Kent The puppet holding Dwight Generation X... suck it!!! I want to tell you all... that I'm... I'm the real Superman! Howard : ohhh.. I just farted... wait here's another one.. poorttttt!!!.. hahaha.. here comes another one... This Audio Tutorial will teach…

Rick Smith
If I close my eyes they can't see me doing this... can they? Basketball Photos, Basketball Funny, Magic Basketball, Girls Basketball, Jordan Basketball, Basketball Legends, Nba Players, Basketball Players, Nba Funny Moments

Almost done.. just a little more.. where you going boy... here's my number meet me after the game Kobe : I hate them Derrick, they say its all my fault.. I'm sucks.. hug me tightly Derr.. I need someone to cuddle me Simplicity is the beauty... the Black Mamba Kobe : Ohh yeah I got the ball.. that's a block for me Kobe : Boooorrringgg.... is there any cute guys here? I'm the queen...! Its Raining Men.. AliLeuahhh!!! Everybody come on dance with me.. I'm beautifuuuuuuullllllllll!! Hey girls…

Billy Anglesey