Nautical tattoo

Discover the beauty of nautical tattoo designs and find inspiration for your next ink. From anchors to compasses, explore top ideas for a timeless and meaningful tattoo.
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**Y O U C A N B U Y T H I S I T E M W I T H 95% D I S C O U N T H E R E** ---------------------- I very love the Jules Verne and Jack London novels, and off course can't doesn't love nautical themes. So I was inspired by their books, and create this vintage nautical pack for your sailor collection. 68 elements total. Perfect for your vintage nautical logo's or just for marine design. All elements by hand drawn. ----------------------------------- What's…

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A lighthouse tattoo meaning is more than just ink on the skin. It's a symbol, a story, a beacon of personal significance. When you see a lighthouse, what comes to mind? For many, it's a symbol of guidance, a beacon in the dark, a sign of hope. That's exactly what a lighthouse tattoo represents for

Wendy Kuliasa-Roche