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Discover the breathtaking landscapes and outdoor adventures that await you in Mount Shasta, California. Plan your trip to this picturesque destination and experience nature at its finest.
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Mount Shasta is the perfect place for nature lovers to explore a bit of Northern California’s natural beauty. Here’s a quick guide for a cozy weekend getaway featuring magical sunrise hikes, cascading waterfalls and the most unique A-frame treehouse in the woods near Shasta-Trinity National Forest!

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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Mt. Shasta, California (All Season Guide!)

Discover the best things to do while visiting Mount Shasta, California. Hike through spring meadows, snowshoe across a frozen lake, and take in views of one of the cascade mountain range's tallest peaks. This visitors guide will help you plan for your future trip to Mount, Shasta during any season- where to stay, eat and adventure.

Maddie Deer | Travel Blog
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April 25th, 2015 Throughout the past few days, the only thing we have heard on television is about the shocking earthquake in Nepal. As I mentioned in my article, “The Year of the Wood Goat 2015”, this year will be full of natural disasters related to the earth, such as earthquakes or landslides. That more

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