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Discover a collection of powerful and inspiring motivational poems that will uplift your spirits and ignite your motivation. Let these poems be your guide to achieving greatness and overcoming obstacles in life.
§Dare To Qream by Wendy Silva Close your eyes and let your ímaginationfly away. See a picmre of Where you wish to be one day. (gt the colors of your heart take oommand to paint the picture of your dream and place it in your hand. field on tightly and nurture it, but allow it room to grow. When you reach your dream, open your hand and let it go. Close your eyes and search for another, caring for it as before. Never stop searching, achieving and lettinggo,for that's what dreams are for. - iFunny :) Poems About Dreams, Poems For Students, Inspirational Poetry Quotes, Poems In English, Happy Poems, Motivational Poems, Survivor Quotes, Short Friendship Quotes, Poems About Life

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Brandy Barton
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It Really Is by Amy LV Students - Today's poem speaks to something I have been thinking a lot about. Sometimes we people can worry about things that really will be ok in a day or a week, and when this happens, our worry can get in the way of our living. We people don't need to know everything, don't need to be perfect, don't need to constantly achieve and produce. It is good to just be, good to appreciate, good to look out a window. I am thinking about this for my life and for the lives of…