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Immerse yourself in the ethereal world of moss temples and discover a serene sanctuary in nature. Find inspiration to create your own moss temple and experience the tranquility it brings.
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Ryōgonzan Renge-in Myōhō-ji (楞厳山蓮華院妙法寺?) is a Buddhist temple of the Nichiren sect in Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan.[1] It is one of a group of three built near the site in Matsubagayatsu (Valley of Pine Needles (松葉ヶ谷?)[2] where Nichiren, founder of the Buddhist sect that bears his name, is supposed to have had his hut. The temple has also close ties with Prince Morinaga and the Imperial House. Kamakura is known for having been in the 13th century the cradle of Nichiren Buddhism. Founder…

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Hi guys, its been quite sometime now I have been working on this cave scene in UE4. Concept by amazing yang qi917 I love the way he brings mood to the scene. I tried to put together my version. Used maya to block out the scene,zbrushed few unique rocks blended them with two layered shaders. used substance designer and other photo textures to create textures, megascan textures and photo textures were used to create vegetation assets inside…

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Gloomy Island, which is Environment that I did lately in U4. My work included: 1. Composition 2. Models: - Rock Cliff long version with moss - Rock Cliff two short versions with moss - Foliage ( 3 versions of dead trees, grass, roots ) - Old bridge with moss - Old Temple 3. Materials / Textures: - Rock Cliff Material - Rock Temple Material - Basic Moss Material - Snowy Moss Material - Wood texture for Bridge - Masks ( Substance Painter ) 4. FX: - Fog 5. Setup materials in U4. Special…

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