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Get ready for your Morocco adventure with trendy outfit ideas that are both stylish and comfortable. Explore the best fashion choices to make your trip unforgettable.
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Planning a trip to Morocco can present some challenges, and the most pressing question for many travelers, especially women, is the matter of what to pack for Morocco. The country’s reputation for conservatism is well-deserved, and street harassment in Morocco is an ever-present issue that women must contend with. While men have less at stake ... Read more

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I won't lie, the thing I was most excited to do on my last trip? Shopping in Morocco. If you can't tell, I enjoy shopping and have gone on some of the most amazing shopping tours in India. Before I went I hadn't researched what to buy in Morocco and how much to pay. It

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Planning what to pack for your trip to Morocco might sound like a tricky task (at first!) if you're a woman. While there isn't a dress code in Morocco as such, it's advisable to dress more on the conservative side and there is clothing that you should avoid wearing in public. Shorts or skirts above

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