Moon lessons first grade

Teach first grade students about the moon with these engaging and interactive lessons. Explore top lesson ideas to spark curiosity and foster a love for learning.
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We have learning about the things that light up our night sky. Yesterday we learned about the moon. We also made a book about the different phases of the moon. Today we read books about the stars and learned lots of interesting facts. We made a book about constellations and wrote some of the facts we learned about stars. Then during center time we made a shooting star art project.

Michele Mattison
Easy to do activities plus a freebie! All thing moon, moon earth and sun, and moon phases. Jam packed with engaging tools to help students learn about the moon Montessori, 5th Grade Science, Moon Moon, Pre K, Middle School Science, Mystery Science, Sixth Grade Science, Science Lessons, 8th Grade Science

I wanted to do a compilation including the best of the best engaging activities about THE MOON! I feel like it's an area that is revisited over and over again and students have high interest in it. BUT keeping them engaged can be so tricky! .....So here are a few of my favorite {elementary} resources for learning all about the moon. OREO MOON PHASE MATCH Isn't it funny how food makes everything more engaging at school? Well, bust out the oreos and do a moon phase match. I've seen a lot of…

Megan Benson