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Luke Cage made his debut in Netflix’s Jessica Jones just last year, and fans have quickly gravitated toward this version of the character. In his upcoming solo series, he’ll be starring alongside a whole new group of characters and fresh faces for fans, but there’s no reason to dive in without knowing a bit about […]

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410 appearance(s) of Mercedes Knight (Earth-616) 14 appearance(s) in handbook(s) of Mercedes Knight (Earth-616) 26 minor appearance(s) of Mercedes Knight (Earth-616) 37 mention(s) of Mercedes Knight (Earth-616) 10 mention(s) in handbook(s) of Mercedes Knight (Earth-616) 279 image(s) of Mercedes Knight (Earth-616) 43 quotation(s) by or about Mercedes Knight (Earth-616) 1 item(s) used/owned by Mercedes Knight (Earth-616) Mercedes Knight on Marvel.com Mercedes Knight on Wikipedia.org Mercedes…

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Detective Knight. I've seen the specs on this arm of yours. And the purchase orders. Sort of like sporting a Maserati with fingers.""Well, I would be glad to trade you for yours if you want it back.Ward Meachum and Misty Knight Misty Knight's Prosthetic Arm is a prosthesis used by Misty Knight to replace her missing right arm after she lost it in a fight with Bakuto. The prosthesis was manufactured by Rand Enterprises and gifted to her by Danny Rand and Colleen Wing. For what this thing…