Miniature schnauzer black

Discover the charm of a black miniature schnauzer. Find out why this breed makes a perfect companion and explore tips for caring for your adorable furry friend.
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99+ Best Miniature Schnauzer Dog Names

Male/female Miniature Schnauzer dog name ideas Twilight Velvet Sassy Vicki Pixie Sheba Maddy Brenda Princess Lovedy Bonnie Hiccup Minnie Baby Sophie Angel Bambi Empress Brandy Rina Kissy Duchess Vicki Daisy Katie Lily Penny Missy Lucy Sadie Coco Annie Babydoll Sandy Maggie Shelby Tootsie Cupid Heidi Foxy Tinks Misty Molly Sasha Abby Queenie Rosy Foxy Betty...Read More

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Standard Schnauzer

For three breeds of schnauzers: miniature, standard, and giant, each of which is registered as separate, the standard (medium) was the prototype. This ancient breed appeared in Germany in the XV-XVI centuries. She must have been very popular as a home companion because images of standard schnauzers are often seen in portraits of the time. It is known that one of them lived with Albrecht Durer for at least 12 years since he depicted the same dog in his portraits from 1492 to 1504. They were…

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