Mini home gym ideas

Transform any small space into a mini home gym with these creative ideas. Stay fit and motivated with a convenient workout space in the comfort of your own home.
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Morning loves! I’ve had a lot of requests lately for what I buy on Amazon (and I can see why because honestly what did we do before Amazon Prime?!) 😉 so I thought I would introduce a new series on The Honeybee called Amazon Cart Check. I’ll be sharing my most recent purchases from Amazon … Continued

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Like many others, once the pandemic hit and all of the gyms closed we were searching for options to keep up our healthy lifestyle. At first, we ran around the block a few times like many others. We noticed we had a kettlebell and a few light dumbbells which also helped for a little while. …but then the pandemic didn’t end. The runs around the block were getting old and I was getting tired of doing bicep curls with the 5 pound pink weights. So we had to do something. At this same time…