Mini cauldron

Add a touch of magic to your Halloween decor with these unique mini cauldron ideas. Create a bewitching atmosphere and make your Halloween celebration truly enchanting.
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12" Halloween Black Ceramic Cauldron by Place & Time

Get into the Halloween Spirit with the 12" Black Ceramic Cauldron by Place & Time Add a spooky touch to your Halloween decor with this 12" Black Ceramic Cauldron by Place & Time. Perfect for holding candy or as a centerpiece for your Halloween party, this cauldron is sure to impress your guests. The sleek black finish adds a touch of elegance to the traditional Halloween decor. Made from ceramic, this cauldron is durable and long lasting. It measures 11.6 inches in diameter, 11 inches in…

Melanie Lee
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Cauldron Mini Mini

The imagery of the cauldron over a fire is synonymous with the archetype of the female witch. These were everyday use items in the household, the worldview of the day believed in magic, & the hearth was associated with strong spiritual connotations. The perfect little pot for incense, coarse ground herbs and spices, candle craft, or just plain old odds ‘n ends. The Mini Mini cauldron is the one in the left of the picture and the cauldron to the right is our Mini Cauldron. Cast Iron Mini Mini…

Jennifer Flores
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Witches Cauldron Halloween Decor Mini Ceramic Cauldron Candle Holder Incense Burner Mystery Protection Spell-Crafting Tool Collections

About this item 🔮 Create Horror Atmosphere - Black-painted mini ceramic cauldron with vinyl decals that read "Witch's Brew," "Happy Halloween," and other elements firmly adhered. To simulate a terrifying boiling brew, each cauldron is filled with raffia and topped with dazzling pearl beads in green, purple, and orange. 🔮 Quality & Durability - Ceramic is a material with a reputation for being long-lasting, thus the witches' cauldron decor is durable and wears well. Attached with a…

Melinda Hagedorn