Minecraft skins mermaid

Transform your Minecraft character into a beautiful mermaid with these creative skins. Dive into the enchanting world of mermaids and make a splash in your Minecraft adventures.
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.+*WATER ELEMENT*+. This is the Fourth Elemental to my New Series of the .+*ELEMENTALS*+. ! Meet Mira, the ruler of the Tides and Ocean. She has: -Periwinkle Blue Hair -Blue Eyes -Water-Tide Dress & Ocean Chest Piece -Shell and Starfish Crown -Coral Arm Bracelets -Pearls In Hair -Bright Blue Fins/Horns I hope you like her and if you edit or reuse my skins to credit me as it does take time and would be greatly appreciated x Skin: ELEMENTALS Skin Px: Alex 3px…

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here ya go Aextelixs(?) im working on that base give me 30 minutes rules for the raffle Do NOT USE unlESS I personally say that you have won on your home page! Enter for side A (the long dress) or side B ( the short dress with crown) in the comments! u can chose both I will announce the winners when I feel like it (in a day or two or if theres 15+ entries) happy raffling! (wait is that a word help) -Meg

Bri !