Midori travelers notebook

Explore the endless possibilities with Midori Travelers Notebooks. Organize your life, express your creativity, and capture your thoughts and memories with this versatile notebook system.

You've heard me talk about my love of planners (Filofaxes & Gillios), but I found a new love and I must share. It's called a Midori Travelers Notebook. No, I don't use it for traveling. I use it for list-making, shopping lists, planning, projects, and whatever else I would need a piece of paper for. My "notes & lists" go into my Midori. No more loosing a piece of paper that I wrote something important on.

Stefanie Santiago
Midori travellers note book and accompaniments

Wow, today I received a great Christmas present. I was aware of the notebooks from Moleskine and Fieldnotes,but I never heard about this beauty. It's a Traveler's Notebook by Midori. The leather covers are made by hand. Roughly cut leather and a rubber band with the clasp made of tin. The inside notebook is made in Japan and has Midori's original paper made to pursue the highest comfortability to write. Thanks to the people from Prima Image Consultants my desk will soon look like the picture…

Shantilly R