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Elevate the look of your projects with the brilliance of metallic spray paint. Discover top ideas to add a touch of glamour and shine to your creations.
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I haven’t tried all the colors just yet but have used a bunch when I sold mason jars on the internet. I’ll keep updating this post as I try more colors. Update: I added more colors below. 11/6/2016 Rust-Oleum Metallic is a shimmer type finish and very smooth. Im going to list the colors in […]

Kelly: Sprinkled and Painted
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Getting the right gold tone is so hard! There are so many different beautiful shades out there but you have to go off of what is in your house already! My brass is mainly based on the Savoy House Warm Brass! So I can't use a lot of the lighter toned golds because mine has a more vintage feel to it! So this weekend I decided to give one of my favorite decor pieces a makeover! And of course... I doubt many of you will be surprised that I went gold!! It took some sampling of different paints to…

sandra ehrler
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One of our most popular blog posts to date (like…ever) was when we tested to find the best gold spray paint and it was due for an update because the pictures aren’t great and we (I) only tested 4 spray paints. Ahh, the early days of blogging. Luckily, this was a fun little experiment […]

Stephanie Roberti
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Do you decorate every space for the holidays? We sure do, and today I want to show you how we decorated our deck for Christmas and our favorite gold spray paint! Last year I shared how we painted the bells that are hanging on our door, this year I did it again… but I wanted to show you the difference between 3 of rustoleum’s spray paints that I found at JOANN. I will also be sharing all the decor we found at JOANN, they seriously have everything you need off your list from gifts, crafts…

Maria Luisa