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rangimaarie 'Peace' in the Maori language, Australia c.1784 a Maori Chief, from New Zealand also found: rongo 'Peace' in the Maori language, also spoken in Australia Well, it is Saturday now. Yesterday's blog, (which is now today's blog) I couldn't complete becasue Yahoo was soooooooooooooooo slow. Unfortunately it looks like it is today also. WHAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaahhhh! found at Okay, I was supposed to have a great picture of Lucille Ball doing her famous "Whaaaaa" crying…

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Orlando is without a doubt "The Action Center of Florida." On any weekend, with a full tank of gas, Orlando residents can experience everything from nude beaches, rocket launches, beautiful state parks, professional baseball games, spectacular fine art museums, and whatever else our orange hearts desire. Here's 25 road trip ideas that we feel every Orlandoan should experience at least once.

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