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Step into the enchanting world of Merlin the Wizard and unlock the secrets of his extraordinary powers. Explore top ideas and inspiration to bring the mystique of Merlin into your life.
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Merlin is a legendary figure best known as the wizard featured in Arthurian legend. Merlin's traditional biography casts him as a cambion: born of a mortal woman, sired by an incubus, the non-human from whom he inherits his supernatural powers and abilities. The name of Merlin's mother is not usually stated but is given as Adhan in the oldest version of the Prose Brut. Merlin matures to an ascendant sagehood and engineers the birth of Arthur through magic and intrigue. Later authors have…

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Most people today have heard of Merlin the Magician, as his name has been popularized over the centuries and his story has been dramatized in numerous novels, films, and television programs. The powerful wizard is depicted with many magical powers, including the power of shapeshifting, and is well-known in mythology as a tutor and mentor to the legendary King Arthur, ultimately guiding him towards becoming the king of Camelot.

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The first picture shows Gandalf by Tim Kirk. Tim Kirk produced one of the first Tolkien Calendars (1975) not illustrated with art by Tolkien or Pauline Baynes. As such I believe he set many precedents in Tolkien iconography to this day. His Gandalf towers over Bilbo, and recalls a famous picture of Odin by Georg Von Rosen. The second Gandalf is from the 1977 Rankin/Bass production of The Hobbit. This design recalls the work of Arthur Rackham, and neatly solves the dilemma of drawing Gandalf…

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Hello, students. My, what eager pupils we have today! What bright faces! Many of you have been enjoying your night classes with me. We are and have been learning manifestation and shattering old dogmas that no longer serve your current realities and purposes. You are not your old story, or defined by it, unless of course you want to be and enjoy misery. No. You are your own ever-evolving-always-eternal story of one who is realizing their own part of the great cosmic play. Manifestation of a…