Medicine cabinet redo

Transform your medicine cabinet with these creative ideas. Upgrade the look and functionality of your bathroom storage with a stylish and organized redo.
Rusty medicine cabinet before

It time for another confessional round of “Oh spray paint how I love thee.” If you are unfamiliar with my continuing love affair with spray paint (found here and here), let me catch you up. I began this infatuation later in life when I discovered another way to avoid always buying new. A little can […]

Robert Whitaker
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"Medicine Cabinet" does not have to equal eyesore anymore! They're not usually very pretty, {especially the standard ones}, but they're convenient to have around. What if I told you there is a way to make them pretty? Our Master Bathroom is going through a slow but steady make-over. Which came to a screaching hault over medicine cabinets. I wanted them gone. My hubby wanted to keep his. I thought we should build out the empty space- -but the thought of his shaving cream and other…

MAY DAYS & Rita's Recipes

Both of the bathrooms in our house had those cheesy metal medicine cabinets that are built into the wall. I didn’t take any before photos, but I bet you all get the ugly visual. My incredibly…

Keisha Rhodes
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I haven't found any ideas on how to update my medicine cabinet (renting) that is pictured below. There are tons of ideas on updating mirrors or single panel cabinets but none like this. Please help!

Rebecca Bates