Medicine Ball

Enhance your strength and conditioning with these effective medicine ball workouts. Discover top exercises to improve your overall fitness and achieve your goals.
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It has been so dreary and awful in California this winter with no end in sight to the rain… My family has been very fortunate to have avoided the winter illnesses thus far but I have had a few mornings where I’ve woken up with a bit of a scratchy throat or just feeling...Read More »

Christina Milson
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Yes, I may be late to the whole Starbucks medicine ball (a.k.a. Honey Citrus Mint Tea) trend. I had my very first medicine ball this week and it was also my last. After waking up and not feeling my best I decided to try a Starbucks medicine ball at the suggestion of a friend. It was delicious! The fruity peppermint and citrus flavors all mixed together were great and they made me feel better. But after researching I saw that the popular Starbucks drink has 30 grams of sugar. If you add the…

Beth English
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If you're looking for the perfect drink to warm you up and keep your immune system healthy during the winter months, then look no further because this is it! Introducing my Better-For-You Starbucks Medicine Ball Cubes, a simple, easy, and refined sugar-free take on the classic Starbucks Medicine Ball drink. This recipe is made from just 5 simple ingredients, which means it's perfect for prepping ahead of time so that you can always have this delicious drink ready in a pinch!

Anita Kratochvil
599K views · 42 reactions | BETTER-FOR-YOU STARBUCKS MEDICINE BALL! Follow @kalejunkie for more! The Starbucks medicine ball is a popular drink in the winter when everyone is getting sick — and it’s yummy — but with over 30grams of cane sugar in a small drink, I’m going to show you how to make a refined sugar free version that is way more potent AND that you can enjoy all winter for the cost of one Starbucks drink. If you don’t know what a medicine ball is, it is basically a mix of lemonade, min Starbucks Diy, Starbucks Drinks, Best Nutrition Food, Nutrition Recipes, Nutrition Help, Starbucks Medicine Ball Recipe, Diy Medicine, Natural Medicine, Medicine Balls

BETTER-FOR-YOU STARBUCKS MEDICINE BALL! Follow @kalejunkie for more! The Starbucks medicine ball is a popular drink in the winter when everyone is...

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A couple weeks ago I was starting to lose my voice and grabbed a “medicine ball” drink from Starbucks. It was so soothing! Sweet, fresh, delicious. I’m not a huge tea person, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how good that drink was. So I did some digging online and found out it’s super easy to make your own version.

Sarah Blake