Meat and cheese tray

Impress your guests with a mouthwatering meat and cheese tray. Explore a variety of creative ideas to create a delectable spread that will leave everyone wanting more.
Tray filled with neatly arranged meats and cheeses.

A variety of deli meats like ham, turkey and roast beef pair well with cheese to make a Meat and Cheese Tray that guests will love. We are all about giving people option so they can enjoy party food more. Especially when we’re trying to feed a crowd at the holidays or a graduation party. A cold meat and cheese tray makes a delicious addition to the food table at a party.

Shirleyann Mcguinness
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Wondering how to make your own graze board or charcuterie platter? A grazing board is great food for holidays or party appetizers while entertaining! Don't miss these tips on making a charcuterie grazing table, party platters for crowds and finger foods graze board ideas — including customizing it to your guests tastes!

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I have been seeing charcuterie boards all over the place and have been lusting over them every time I see them. This year for Christmas I was in charge of...Read More

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